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Discovering Balance and Strength: Etobicoke Pilates and Wellness Studio

Nestled in the heart of South Etobicoke, on The Queensway across from the beloved Tom’s Dairy Freeze and Mama Martino’s, Etobicoke Pilates and Wellness Studio is more than just a fitness center—it’s a sanctuary founded by Amelia Low. With a background in ballet that spans continents, Amelia’s introduction to pilates during her teenage years was a transformative experience. It became clear to her early on that pilates wasn’t just a complement to her dance career; it was a practice she would carry forward throughout her life.

A Journey Rooted in Movement and Wellness

Amelia’s dance journey took her from Singapore to Sydney, Australia, and Hong Kong before landing in Toronto. Her time in these diverse dance communities shaped her understanding of movement and its profound impact on both physical and mental wellbeing. Introduced to pilates at 15 as part of her dance training, Amelia quickly fell in love with its ability to enhance strength, flexibility, and mindfulness.

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A Sanctuary for Holistic Wellness

Etobicoke Pilates and Wellness Studio embodies Amelia’s vision of integrating movement with wellness practices. The studio’s atmosphere is designed to foster the mind-body connection through personalized movement coaching. Equipped with state-of-the-art reformers, cadillacs, chairs, and fuse ladders, the studio offers a comprehensive array of pilates equipment for private and semi-private sessions. These sessions are tailored to individual needs, whether for injury recovery, prenatal preparation, or advanced pilates techniques.

Private Pilates Instruction: Tailored for You

Private pilates sessions at Etobicoke Pilates and Wellness Studio provide exclusive access to a full range of pilates equipment and personalized attention from skilled instructors. This approach ensures a varied and progressive workout experience that optimizes strength, coordination, and overall fitness. Each session focuses on correct form and technique, crucial for maximizing results and preventing injury.

Amelia Low - Etobicoke Pilates and Wellness Studio


MON – FRI: 8am – 10pm
SAT & SUN: 8 am – 2 pm

Dynamic Group Classes

In addition to private sessions, Etobicoke Pilates and Wellness Studio offers dynamic group classes that cater to diverse fitness levels and goals. From Barre Sculpt to Mat & HIIT Pilates, these classes provide a supportive environment where participants can challenge themselves and build community. Led by experienced instructors, group classes combine the benefits of group energy with individualized attention to technique and form.

Community and Support

Beyond physical fitness, Etobicoke Pilates and Wellness Studio is a community hub where clients find mental and emotional support. Amelia’s dedication to her clients goes beyond training; it extends to creating a welcoming space where everyone feels valued and empowered. The studio collaborates with local businesses and hosts community events like the “Sip and Plank” summer series, combining pilates with local flavours and scenic views of Humber Bay.

Inspiration and Growth

Amelia’s entrepreneurial journey has been shaped by her clients’ stories of resilience and transformation. Inspired by their progress, she continues to evolve the studio’s offerings to meet diverse wellness needs. From personalized coaching to holistic practices like osteopathy and manual therapy, Etobicoke Pilates and Wellness Studio aims to support clients on their journey to improved health and vitality.

Join Us at Etobicoke Pilates and Wellness Studio

Whether you’re starting your pilates journey or seeking to deepen your practice, Amelia and her team welcome you to experience personalized wellness at Etobicoke Pilates and Wellness Studio. Located conveniently on The Queensway, the studio invites you to embark on a path toward balance, strength, and holistic wellbeing.

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