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What Is Lakeview Village?

Lakeview Village is located in south-east Mississauga on Lake Ontario, approximately 3.8 kilometres east of Port Credit, near the western limits of the City of Toronto. The site is well-connected to major roads and highways, with Lakeshore Road East forming the north boundary of the site, and convenient access to both the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) and Highway 427.

Lakeview Village, Missisauga proposed plan.

Lakeview Village will create a place where people can connect with Lake Ontario. Delivered by Lakeview Community Partners Limited, this new community for the City of Mississauga will be a model in green and sustainable urban living.

Lakeview Village will breathe new life into Mississauga’s waterfront, reconnecting the community back to the water’s edge with a diverse mix of residential offerings, as well as institutional, cultural, office and retail spaces. Sustainability is the key foundation of this new community, both through its design, as well as the mix of uses, public spaces, and diverse programming that will be delivered at Lakeview Village. The project will support and contribute to local commerce, and will yield over 3,000 new jobs.

Explore The Vision For Lakeview Village

The demolition of smokestacks and the rise of a vibrant urban district signifies the changes Missisauga and the GTA have undergone: an ongoing growth in population, a greater dedication to sustainability, a growing desire for a walkable, accessible, mixed-use community. The plan created for Lakeview Village will have a meaningful impact on the capacity for Mississauga to continue to grow into a world-class city.

Project Overview

1. Hydro Gateway
2. Ogden Park
3. Artscape Maketspace/Community Center
4. School
5. Waterway Common
6. Serson Innovation Corridor
7. The Marina District
8. Lakeview Square
9. Lakefront Park
10. Cultural Institution
11. Outdoor Event / Performance Space
12. The Pier

Project By Numbers

Approx. 8,050

Units available from townhouses to mid-rise & taller buildings


Square feet available for office uses & employment

Over 200,000

Square feet available for retail & restaurants

16,000 - 20,000

The anticipated number of residents.


Long-term jobs


Acres available for campus, cultural and innovation lands

Housing Opportunities For More People

Lakeview Village introduces a variety of housing choices for current and future residents of Mississauga, predonominantly through a mid-rise housing typology. The district will give thousands of people the option to live in a mixed-use neighbourhood on the waterfront, and presents a range of housing and lifestyles within it for people to choose from. The introduction of new housing also opens the opportunity for the the provision of additional affordable housing choices.

A Connected Open Space Network

Lakeview Village is located in a uniquely opportune location becasue it is situated directly adjacent to the broader network of open spaces both along the waterfront and to the north. Along the waterfront, the new Lakefront Park will essentially “complete” the existing network, transitioning seamlessly with the existing parkland to the east (Lakefront Promenade Park, Douglas Kennedy Park, and A.E. Crooks Park), and sensitively with the new Jim Tovey Lakefront Conservation Area to the west. Ogden Park, the central park within Lakeview Village, connects into the future potential for a linear green network along the Hydro corridor.


Setting A Global Standard For Sustainability

As it is stated in the Mississauga Official Plan (MOP) 13.3.5, “The Lakeview Waterfront is planned to be an innovative, green model community that incorporates sustainable best practices for buildings and neighbourhoods.”

The nature of the site — a former industrial site that has been made into a blank slate — presents an exciting opportunity to implement district-scale sustinability methods such as district energy and vacuum waste. Compared to any other major node within Mississauga, Lakeview Village has the highest potential to implement these example-setting initiatives due to the concentration of people and jobs that the Development Master Plan proposes.

Supporting Multi-Nodal Connectivity

Mississauga Official Plan 13.3.7. identifies the importance of being multi- modal: “The Lakeview Waterfront community is designed to encourage multi-modal transportation with emphasis on transit and active transportation…” The Development Master Plan block network and location of open space and higher-density buildings are designed to best capitalize on the existing and future transit connection, and provides a highly connected network of streets and routes for walking and cycling. The proposed transit, walking, and cycling routes are located to easily allow future residents and visitors to utilize active transportation, and is mindful of the existing and planned conditions for Lakeshore Road. The proposed cycling route along the lakefront directly connects to the existing regional Waterfront Trail.

Cultural Waterfront

A Regional Waterfront Destination

The waterfront for Lakeview Village is envisioned as a place where residents and visitors alike feel welcomed.

Lakefront Park is a destination waterfront open space that provides an active recreational, cultural and event open space for Mississauga.

The park provides connectivity across the Village edge, with pedestrian paths winding throughout, as well as bicycle promenades that follow the urban edge and connect into the regional waterfront trail network.

The western edge of the park provides a hub for a water-based recreation, where kayakers and families can enjoy the lake on a sunny weekend. Adjacent to the boat launch are park spaces that extend the energy and recreational uses of the existing Lakefront Promenade Park, with meandering walking paths through meadows and picnic locations, framed by scattering of large canopy trees.

At the edge of the water inlet is a learning landscape that creates eco-diverse habitats that not only allow native flora and fauna to flourish, but give the community a chance to learn about the habitats being protected within the Jim Tovey Lakeview Conservation Area to the east.

At the end of the Hydro Road corridor is the cultural core of the park: an extension of the directly adjacent Lakeview Square. From Canada Day fireworks, to summer carnivals, holiday markets, and open air concerts, the centre of Lakefront Park is the future home to Missisauga’s special occasions.

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