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Explore Mimico

Your Ultimate Mimico Neighbourhood Guide

Welcome to Mimico, a picturesque neighborhood nestled on the shores of Lake Ontario. In this guide you’ll discover why Mimico is considered Toronto’s hidden gem and what makes it so special. Get ready to explore its rich history, vibrant community, and stunning natural beauty.

View of Toronto Skyline From Miles Road End Parkette

Reasons to Love Mimico:

  • Enjoy peaceful lakeside living that feels like an escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.
  • Revel in outdoor adventures with green spaces, parks, and scenic cycling paths along the Waterfront Trail.
  • Savor the delights of SanRemo Bakery and other local gems.
  • Benefit from an easy commute to downtown Toronto via the Mimico GO Train station.
  • Discover the convenience of Royal York Meat Market for fresh produce and grocery essentials.
  • Admire the blend of classic Toronto homes and modern custom builds.
  • Marvel at the breathtaking views from Humber Bay Shores condos.
  • Witness Mimico’s growing popularity as a desirable place to live.
  • Satisfy your culinary cravings at independent restaurants and bakeries.
  • Celebrate the arts with Lakeshore Arts and Oak Learners programs.

Things to Do, Eat, and See:

  • Start your day with life-changing doughnuts at SanRemo Bakery.
  • Explore the beautiful Waterfront Trail for cycling and scenic walks.
  • Visit local parks, including Ourland Park, Mimico Memorial Park, and Amos Waites Park.
  • Enjoy lakeside dining at Eden Trattoria.
  • Shop for local produce at the Humber Bay Shores Farmers Market.
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth at Ed’s Real Scoop with homemade ice cream and gelato.
  • Learn to sail at the Etobicoke Yacht Club or simply enjoy the sailboat views.
  • Have a pizza date at FBI Pizza or Pizzeria Oro Di Napoli.
  • Sip coffee with a view at Birds and Beans.
  • Attend the Mimico Summer Music Series.
  • Join the Humber Bay Shores Waterfront Festival in August.
  • Experience the holiday spirit at the Etobicoke Lakeshore Santa Claus Parade.

The Lay of the Land:

  • Explore Mimico’s location in the southeast corner of Etobicoke, with Lake Ontario to the south.
  • Discover its access points, transportation options, and proximity to neighboring areas.
  • Use maps to help you navigate the neighborhood.

Style of Homes in Mimico:

  • Mimico offers a mix of housing, including classic 1920s-1950s homes and modern custom builds.
  • Houses typically sit on 25-50 foot lots, offering more space compared to downtown.
  • Many homes maintain their historical charm, while Humber Bay Shores features stunning condo views.

Historical Roots:

  • Learn about the neighborhood’s origins and its original First Nations name, “Omimeca.”
  • Explore its history as a summer home destination and a year-round community.
  • Discover any notable historical landmarks or events that have left their mark.

Community Life:

  • Embrace the community spirit at local events, such as the “Lakeshore Community Festival” and “Mimico Festival.”
  • Explore the array of local businesses, shops, and restaurants.
  • Hear from residents about what makes Mimico a welcoming place to call home.

Recreation Opportunities:

  • Enjoy a range of recreational facilities, including Mimico Arena, tennis courts, and the Mimico Waterfront Park.
  • Take part in sports clubs and activities that cater to various interests.

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