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Hi! My name is Laura Delgado

I was born in Leon, Guanajuato, the fifth largest city in Mexico. Guanajuato is a state where the independence of Mexico from Spain started, so it is full of history, culture and it is actually the state where the city of “San Miguel Allende” is located, which is a city where many Canadians live, they just love it. We used to go to “San Miguel Allende” on school trips, to practice English with the Canadians who live there. Lol.
I am an only child. My parents, both musicians, and I was born surrounded by music, laughter, bohemian vibes, and fun, something that is part of my life to this day.
My grandmother had a clothing factory, so my mother and her siblings grew up among fabrics, knitting, crocheting, macramé, which my grandmother did, an artisan and entrepreneur woman, who did all this at a time when it was not easy for a woman. But she had my grandfather, an inventor, and engineer, who always supported her and encouraged her to continue doing what she loved. I feel enormously blessed and fortunate to have inherited these talents from her.

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All my aunts can knit, crochet, sew, draw, and paint, a lot of art, and my mother is also very artistic, but she chose music. She is a well-known music teacher in León. She was the director of the Yamaha Music Academy in Leon for about 20 years.  A very talented and beautiful woman, and I am blessed to be her daughter. My dad is an extraordinary man, who has always supported me. He is always by my side, listening to me and encouraging me to keep going. I couldn’t have a better father.

At the age of 25, after graduating from University, I moved to Cancun, yes, I know, what am I doing here in the cold? Well, in Cancun I got married and had 2 beautiful sons. Christian and Erick, who are the love of my life, the engine of everything I do. Being a mom is such an amazing job, because of these two. I simply love them to the moon and back!

Laura Delgado of Tangled Yarn Shop & Art Supplies in New Toronto, South Etobicoke





In 2019, my husband was transferred to Toronto. He works for Sunwing and we were so lucky to be able to move to this amazing country. He came to Toronto in 2019, and we were supposed to come in 2020 after the kids finished their school year, but, the pandemic came. The borders were going to be closed, so we had to pack everything we had in 3 suitcases, and leave Mexico. It was hard, we arrived and they locked us in, so, nowhere to go, nothing to do… and there began this beautiful journey.

I started crocheting because now I had time, right? and I went crazy making a lot of things. I found a punch needle in a yarn store and I remember doing this when I was little and I couldn’t resist, I bought it and started making punch needle wall hangings.

At the time, everything was going well, but then tragedy struck. One of my younger cousins died. His death changed the course of my life. I was so sad that I would spend the day crying, not understanding why this had happened to him. I would always go on his Facebook page and he looked so happy, so full of life, doing the things he loved and that’s when I decided I wanted to live more like him, doing the things that make me happy. We have to enjoy life and all those precious moments we have with our loved ones, because we don’t know how much time we have left.

After this painful moment in my life, the opportunity arose to open Tangled. A friend of mine was the owner of this building and offered me to manage a business he wanted to open here. He was thinking of opening a supermarket, and I refused, following my new way of thinking, to do only what I like! But then I told him I had an idea for another business – a yarn store! Yes, a place where we could have classes and a beautiful space to let our creativity run wild, and he said YES!!!!!

We started renovations in March 2021 and opened the store on August 1st, 2021. It was still pandemic, and as a business, it wasn’t easy. But, this is a beautiful community. We now have many classes and customers from all over Toronto. Brampton, North York, Downtown, Mississauga, etc… We are very grateful to this beautiful community. We work very hard trying to have all those materials you need to make your ideas come true, whatever the craft, and we will keep working to make this place a welcoming space where you find people willing to share knowledge, encourage you to try new things, to be creative and most importantly, to have fun!

Thank you very much for opening your heart to this little yarn store.

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