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After being buried underground in the 1960s, Serson Creek in Mississauga became a lost river, disconnected from Lake Ontario and left for forgotten. However, the Jim Tovey Lakeview Conservation Area initiated a project in 2016 to bring the creek back to life, and late in 2021, water began to flow through the newly constructed stream from Serson Creek, connecting it to Lake Ontario and allowing aquatic life to swim freely between the two.

This success story marks a rare opportunity and may be the first lost river to be reconnected to the lake, thanks to the joint efforts of Credit Valley Conservation, the Region of Peel, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, and the Lakeview Community Partners.  They carefully planned and designed the restoration process as part of Lakeview Village, a new sustainable and environmentally conscious community with many planned uses,  next to the Jim Tovey conservation area.


Brian Sutherland development lead for Lakeview Village had this to say:

“The restoration of Serson Creek is the first in a number of meaningful ways that Lakeview Village will transform Mississauga’s waterfront, and we’re so proud to have seen our collective efforts culminate with the reconnection of the creek to the lake late last year. It has been a privilege working with the CVC, the Region of Peel and the City to bring this beautiful creek back to life. It’s the first step of many we’re taking to restore the area’s natural habitat that has suffered through years of industrial use. Serson Creek is just the first tangible example of our commitment to bringing a green oasis to Mississauga’s waterfront, which will finally connect residents and visitors to Lake Ontario and the surrounding greenspace for years to come.”

With this restoration, Serson Creek now flows into what will be the Jim Tovey Lakeview Conservation Area, providing an additional 26 hectares of greenspace to the community, when it opens.

With a proposed ability to house approximately 20,000 inhabitants, development at Lakeview Village is well underway with builders starting to offer housing solutions.

Check out Harbourwalk, a resort like offering from Tridel with a stunning design and beautiful terraces throughout.  It may very well be the flagship of the community.

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